From trackies to trendy: football’s tracksuit managers as best-dressed bosses

Whilst the choice of tactics, of course, is the most important decision a football manager has to make, a close second is their choice of attire on the touchline.

There are two major choices: tracksuit or suit.

However, in recent years, managers such as Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique have championed the smart-casual movement – but there remains a definitive border between those who wear suits and those who don't.

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa is the uncrowned king of the tracksuit, even going as far as wearing one to a black-tie event – but what if he crossed the unspoken boundary?

Well, imagine no more: Thread has reimagined tracksuit managers with a chic new look.

Tony Pulis' tracksuit and cap have reached a cult status akin to his 4-4-2 long-ball playing style.

However, Thread's stylist, Freddie Kemp, has reimagined the Welshman as Atletico Madrid boss, Diego Simeone, with a shirt and tie – but he's allowed Pulis to keep his signature cap.

Pulis isn't the only manager who's been given a makeover; Roy Hodgson has been inspired by Guardiola, Neil Warnock as Ronald Koeman, and Bielsa – who has finally hung up his tracksuit – as Gareth Ainsworth.

Thread has put together the collection for the upcoming European Championships this summer.

They haven't just limited themselves to reimagining tracksuit gaffers, either, and the article concludes with how to base your own style off some of the more well-dressed bosses.

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