Gareth Bale tipped to help Tottenham ‘get very close’ to winning Premier League title this season

Gareth Bale remains one of the game’s top players and has the ambition to help Tottenham Hotspur win the Premier League.

That’s the view of Jonthan Barnett, the Welshman’s agent, who says that the on-loan Real Madrid man could help Spurs “get very close” to winning the title this season.

After being marginalised at the Santiago Bernabeu club, Bale completed a switch back to the side he originally left for the current champions of LaLiga.

He’s due to spend the 2020/21 campaign at Spurs, but already there have been suggestions that he could extend that stay if all goes well – and finances allow.

And Barnett told Sky Sports that Bale’s ambition is to “win the Premier League, without a doubt,” something which he is still good enough to help become a reality in the eyes of his agent.

“Tottenham have got a good squad, a great coach and with Gareth’s help I’m sure they will get very close. You only have to see the results from last week to see that it’s open,” Barnett pointed out.

“It kills me to say that because I’m an Arsenal supporter, but that’s the reality.

“He has nothing to prove to anybody. He’s won more than anybody else. He was one of the best three or four players in the world and I think he still is.

“If he succeeds, great, if not, he’s been there and done it. But I think he will succeed.”

Bale’s second Spurs debut should come following the international break, when his side will face West Ham, LASK, Burnley, Antwerp and Brighton in the space of two weeks.

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