Gary Neville gives Jamie Carragher death stare over ‘favourite game of the year’

Gary Neville gave Jamie Carragher a telling look as his Monday Night Football colleague cracked up laughing about Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United.

Jurgen Klopp's men put seven past Erik ten Hag's team at Anfield back in March to be named by the former Liverpool defender as his pick for game of the season.

Neville, who picked the World Cup final that took place in December between Argentina and France, gave his pundit nemesis a telling look before a smile of his own.

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With Sky Sports host Dave Jones asking: "What was it about Liverpool beating Manchester United 7-0 that you enjoyed?"

Carragher then chuckled: "You know what, I don't even think it was the game I think it was the selfie I took in the commentary box with me and him."

Remembering the iconic snap, Neville incidentally did a repeat of the face he made in the gantry that day with his best death stare towards Carragher.

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The Anfield hero continued: "It's been a poor season for Liverpool, you can't deny that, but that game will still be getting talked about in 10/20 years time.

"There's no doubt about it, to beat your rivals 7-0. It's laughable isn't it. I mean… 7-0! What was going on."

Starting to crack into hysterics as Neville stayed silent, Carragher signed off by saying: "And they didn't even play that well!"

Carragher was of course referring to Neville's review of the match on Sky Sports at the time, which he described as a freak result.

He also said: "I don't think Jurgen Klopp when he analyses that game tomorrow will say 'we're back' – I don't think he will be getting carried away off the back of that."

As Graeme Souness responded: "We're not talking about getting carried away, we're talking about playing well."


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