Gary Neville names the two Arsenal legends Man Utd would always try to ‘wind up’

Gary Neville has detailed how the Manchester United stars would target Arsenal pair Thierry Henry and Robert Pires during heated battles on the pitch.

The Gunners and the Red Devils endured a fierce rivalry during their Premier League heyday, with Arsene Wenger's north Londoners clinching memorable league titles in 2001-02 and 2003-04.

Neville enjoyed his fair share of success at United too, with the defender helping Sir Alex Ferguson's side to eight Premier League crowns.

And Neville has named the specific players his side would deliberately target in a bid to get an edge over their top-flight rivals including Arsenal.

"I would try and wind up other players if I could and get an influence over them," the former Red Devils captain told Sky Sports.

‘"When you’re playing against Robert Pires and Thierry Henry for Arsenal, we would try and wind them up and do things that would influence them.

"We would try to take their minds of the game and niggle at them."

Former England and United star Neville also insisted he rarely let his opponents get a mental edge over him.

The Sky Sports pundit did, however, concede that one time he let his guard down.

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