Graeme Souness says he’s a vegan as fans call it "most shocking moment of 2021"

Graeme Souness has revealed he is a vegan to the surprise of football fans.

The former Liverpool midfielder revealed he hasn’t eaten meat for three years during Sky Sports Super Sunday coverage from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Souness, along with Roy Keane and Micah Richards, were discussing how they have helped the environment.

The game between Spurs and Chelsea marks the world’s first ever zero carbon match, in an attempt to tackle the climate crisis.

Sky hopes the game will help to raise awareness and inspire people to reduce their carbon footprint in the UK.

While Richards discussed driving electric cars and Keane talked about going on walks, Souness revealed how he much he cares for animal welfare.

The 68-year-old stated his passion for this subject was the reason behind his veganism.

This took plenty of viewers by surprise, who couldn’t believe what they had heard.

One person wrote: “Graeme Souness being a vegan is the most shocking thing I’ve heard in 2021.”

Another agreed: “I was not really expecting to hear Graeme Souness is vegan.”

With a third noting: “Hearing Graeme Souness say he’s a vegan sound weird.”

What steps are you taking to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know in the comments section.

Others saw the funny side of the revelation.

One Tweeted: “Fair play to Graeme Souness on nearly hitting three years as a vegan, but that does make sense to why he’s so angry all of the time.”

Another agreed: “Learning Graeme Souness is the best 30 seconds of telly I’ll see all weekend.”

Meanwhile others were full of praise for the former Scotland international.

One person wrote: “Graeme Souness reports he is vegan for the animals. Great to hear.”

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