‘I lost it with Mourinho at Chelsea training – he didn’t speak to me for weeks’

Ex-Chelsea defender Wayne Bridge has recalled a moment when he 'lost his head' with Jose Mourinho – and the legendary boss didn't want to speak to him 'for weeks'.

Bridge spent six years at Stamford Bridge, including three seasons under Mourinho. And, when speaking on the Peter Crouch podcast, spoke highly of his former manager.

However, he did admit there were times when he thought Mourinho was a "little harsh" – which led to the moment Bridge 'lost his head' in training.

He said: "I always thought there were some things where I thought he was a little bit harsh.

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"I always got on well with him, like he was great with me when I finished my career, but there were certain moments when I thought he was a bit harsh.

"I lost it once in training and said something to him, I'm not one of those people who really loses my temper quickly, but my head was gone. There were moments when he was harsh, but there were moments when he was good to me!"

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Chris Stark then pushed for an answer from Bridge about Mourinho's response.

Bridge continued: "He didn't speak to me for quite a few days or weeks, you could say, yeah, it wasn't the reaction he was expecting… maybe I should have reacted differently!"

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