‘I want to be a ball between Alisha Lehmann’s legs’ says rapper in his new song

A rap star has shocked football fans with a new track saying he would like to be a ball between the legs of the player dubbed the world's sexiest footballer Alisha Lehmann.

Bodybuilding German rapper Farid Bang, 37, is notorious for his shocking lyrics. But a new song has raised eyebrows for one line in his new hit 'Godfather'. Musclebound Bang raps: "I'm not a ball, but between Alisha Lehmann's legs." Swiss media says the lyric has infuriated local football fans, where Alisha, 24, plays for the women's national side.

Alisha, who also plays in the UK Women's Super League for Aston Villa, has not responded to the song. Bang, who has more than 3.2 million Instagram followers, is known for his outrageous lyrics. In 2020 he was forced to apologise when he described his ripped, fat-free physique as being as "defined as Auschwitz inmates".

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After making a grovelling apology he visited the Nazi death camp Auschwitz as an act of atonement. Alisha, though, is used to bizarre offers from fellow celebrities. She recently revealed that an A-lister in the US offered GBP 90,000 to spend a single night with her in Miami.

The Aston Villa star made the stunning admission when she was a guest on the show of podcaster Shirin David how the male celebrity texted her and a minder at a nightclub in the American city where she was holidaying. The 24-year-old said the message stated: "I'll pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss Francs (£90,121) for a night with her."

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Lehmann added: "Of course, I didn't answer, it was crazy. The message was from someone very well known. We've met before, but not in person. We were at the same event." Shirin, a German artist, couldn't contain her shock as she replied: "I have to know the name! Is it a footballer?" to which the Swiss international responded: "I can't reveal that. But he is very, very well known internationally."

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