Inside story of European Super League betrayal – and the man who can stop it all

Fears are growing inside the corridors of power that the only way to stop the Super League is with the power of public opinion.

The sense of rage, betrayal and shock right now among those who currently make the big decisions in European football is huge.

And some believe things will never be the same again – even if the ‘Dirty Dozen’ are somehow forced to back down.

All 12 of the breakaway clubs voted unanimously with the rest of the European Club Association on Friday to back changes to the Champions League.

Changes that all of Europe, even the smaller clubs, had agreed. Changes it was hoped would safeguard the future.

Then, Juventus and ECA chair Andrea Agnelli disappeared. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has not been able to contact him ever since.

The two were close. Ceferin is godfather to Agnelli’s daughter. But their relationship has completely broken down. This is not just business. It’s personal.

One well-placed UEFA source insisted the controversial Super League scheme will “destroy football.”

Can it be stopped? Some insiders doubt that national leagues will go through with threats to kick clubs out.

And will FIFA really tell the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo they can’t play at the World Cup if they sign up?

The good news is that German and French clubs were asked to join months ago and they refused.

There is an expectation they will not join a breakaway at the moment. They are ready to fight.

But if football does not stand up and win this battle, some fear it’s only a matter of time before clubs like Bayern Munich and PSG wake up and smell the coffee.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has always wanted this to happen. But there was genuine shock at UEFA the Premier League Big Six joined in when they did.

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  • One source said: “We never felt they were a threat to break away. And why now, when they are doing quite well compared to other clubs in Europe?”

    But there is one question on everyone’s lips now. Where is Gianni Infantino? The FIFA president remained silent when the news broke.

    And when world football governing’s body finally released a weak statement expressing only it’s “disapproval” of the scheme, Infantino’s name was not on it.

    If the public outcry doesn't kill off the idea, Infantino may be the only one who can stop it. But will he?

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