Jack Grealish insists its the accent after leaving fans bemused with analysis

Jack Grealish has responded after his analysis of England's 6-2 win against Iran left footy fans bemused.

Manchester City star Grealish was discussing the "big overreaction" to the Three Lions' 0-0 draw with the USA in their second group game on talkSPORT when he appeared to get a famous saying mixed up.

He said: "After Iran, we were the best thing since sliced bread. I suppose it’s what you get when you play for England." However, some supporters thought he had incorrectly said "sliced veg" instead.

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It caused a mass debate online with no one able to say for certain whether Grealish had used "bread" or "veg". But the man himself has now cleared it up.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "I said sliced bread [crying emojis] it’s the accent."

But Grealish's explanation wasn't bought by everyone. One replied: "Behavvveeee I’m from brum and you defo said veg."

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Another said: "Doesn’t matter, it’s sliced veg now." One argued: "It does sound like sliced veg more than sliced bread haha."

One joked: "I'm a professional lip, throat, tongue reader and you definitely said sliced veg just own it." While one conspiracy theorist claimed: "Someone told you to say veg for a laugh. You winked before you said it."

It's safe to say Grealish won't be living the interview down anytime soon. He's got a track record with making blunders while on England duty, after all.


Back in May he failed to recognise a map of the UK and couldn't locate his hometown of Birmingham, which left his team-mates' in stitches.


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