Jack Grealish joined by two Premier League aces in flouting Government coronavirus rules

Jack Grealish was allegedly joined by two Premier League stars at a friend’s property on Saturday. The Aston Villa star flouted Government orders to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. The England hopeful subsequently issued a grovelling apology for making the “mistake” of leaving his house.

Mystery surrounds the midfielder as police hunt for the driver of a Range Rover involved in an accident in Birmingham on Sunday morning.

Images appeared on social media of a banged up Range Rover as well as a separate picture of Grealish in slippers, shorts and a light blue hoody. Although it is not certain when the snaps were taken.

Grealish has been fined by Villa for breaking the Government’s isolation rules during the coronavirus crisis engulfing the United Kingdom. The Premier League outfit have donated the money to a hospital charity based in Birmingham.

A statement from the relegation-threatened club read: “Aston Villa is deeply disappointed that one of our players ignored the Government’s guidance on staying at home during the Coronavirus crisis.

“Club Captain Jack Grealish has accepted that his decision to leave his house was wrong and entirely unnecessary. It breached the government guidelines which are clear and should be adhered to by everybody.

KEY STORY: Jack Grealish: Aston Villa ace ‘deeply embarrassed’ after coronavirus lockdown incident

“The player will be disciplined and fined with the proceeds donated to The University Hospitals Charity in Birmingham.”

Grealish issued an apology for ignoring Government advice to lockdown due to the public health pandemic.

“Hi, everybody just want to do a quick video message just to say how deeply embarrassed I am by what has happened this weekend,” he said.

“I know it is a tough time for everyone at the moment, being locked indoors for so long, and I obviously got a call off a friend asking to go round to his and I stupidly agreed to do so.

“I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake as I did so I obviously urge everyone to stay at home and follow the rules and the guidelines of what we’ve been asked to do.


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Jack Grealish: Aston Villa fine captain and donate money to hospital charity

“I know for a fact that I will be doing that in the near future now and like I said I urge everyone to do the same.

“I hope everyone can accept my apology and we can move on from this and hopefully in the near future we can all be out enjoying ourselves again once this has all boiled over.”

Grealish was not the only Premier League player in attendance at the friend’s property, however, according to the Daily Mirror.

A source told the newspaper: “There are a few players dreading their names coming out and their clubs finding out. It’s not a good look to be out partying, especially when the advice is to stay indoors.

“They are lying low. They will face big fines if their managers find out.”

Grealish has earned the wrath of Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who slammed the 24-year-old while presenting the ITV breakfast show on Monday morning.

“Another day, another load of idiots,” Morgan fumed. “England footballer Jack Grealish. Aston Villa star. Had a lot to say last week.

“Gave a video message. ‘To help save lives you must stay at home’. Really good words.

“What were you thinking Jack? What happened to your little guidance? What happened to what you told us about saving lives and staying home?

“Doesn’t help when an England star, a role model, does that. Acts with total impurity and selfishness and recklessness. Shame on you.”

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