Jamie Carragher on 'unbelievable' Suarez, 'funny' Bellamy and Benitez

Jamie Carragher tells Sky sidekick Gary Neville why ‘unbelievable’ Luis Suarez was the ‘best striker in the world’, how Craig Bellamy was the FUNNIEST footballer he’s ever played with… and about his struggles under Rafa Benitez at Liverpool

  • Jamie Carragher has answered 23 quickfire questions from Gary Neville
  • In the chat, he speaks about Luis Suarez being the ‘best striker in the world’
  • Carragher also reveals Craig Bellamy is the funniest man he’s ever played with
  • He also tells a story about getting little sympathy from Rafa Benitez at Liverpool 

Jamie Carragher has lifted the lid on Luis Suarez, life at Liverpool and why Craig Bellamy was the funniest footballer he ever played with in a wide-ranging Q&A with his Sky Sports sidekick Gary Neville.

In a feature for Neville’s Overlap channel with SkyBet, Carragher answers 23 quickfire questions on all manner of subjects, including his worst ever game, his pre-match rituals – and whether he prefers Gary or Phil!

Liverpool legend Carragher was effusive in his praise of now-Atletico Madrid star Luis Suarez, who he played with at Anfield between 2011 and 2014.

Gary Neville (L) has quizzed his friend and Sky Sports colleague Jamie Carragher on his career

Carragher opened up on Luis Suarez, Craig Bellamy, Rafa Benitez, and lots of other subjects


When asked to pick between Suarez and Fernando Torres, Carragher said: ‘Suarez, oh Suarez. Unbelievable. I actually think he was the best centre forward in the world for three or four years.

‘You look at what he’s done. Everywhere he goes he takes that team [forward]. That Liverpool team that nearly won the league was an average team. He nearly single-handedly took them to the league, that’s what he does with every team he goes to.’

Carragher says his former Anfield team-mate Suarez was the ‘best striker in the world’

Carragher played with hundreds of footballers during his long career, be it with Liverpool or England, and he came up with a surprising response when quizzed on the funniest player he’s ever seen in the dressing room.

‘Craig Bellamy. He’s very, very funny. The things he would say to people, I couldn’t believe. Some people would say it’s too much, and sometimes it was too much, but me and him had a really good relationship. 

‘I found him hilarious. He was a brilliant trainer, he loved his football. Now and then you needed to say “woah” and put him in his place. I imagine if he got carried away he could be a problem at a club but at Liverpool it was always that nice balance.’

In the years prior to Bellamy’s arrival at Liverpool, Carragher was managed by both Rafa Benitez and Gerard Houllier, and one of Neville’s questions was on which of the two he preferred.

Perhaps surprisingly, he labels Craig Bellamy (pictured) as the funniest he ever played with

The legendary centre back praised Gerard Houllier’s (left) man-management skills at Anfield

He tells a story about getting little sympathy from Rafa Benitez after a gruelling few months

Although insisting Benitez is a better tactician, the legendary centre back says Houllier was more impressive when it came to managing the players.

Explaining, Carragher said: ‘With Benitez, it’s almost like don’t enjoy it… well, you do enjoy it, we did amazing things, but… he’s a Capello-type figure, he’d always want more. He’d never say to you, “you played well there”.

‘I always remember after the World Cup in 2006, we’d got to the FA Cup final, we’d started the season early because we’d won the Champions League, and I was shot at the start of the next season.

‘I’d not started the season well and I was getting a bit of criticism, and rightly so. I just needed Rafa to say, “you’ve been amazing, don’t worry about it”, and it was still like, “you should have done that”.’

Carragher (right) and Neville walked the streets of Bootle for ‘The Overlap’ interview

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