Jamie Redknapp takes back comments about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

‘I was disrespectful’: Jamie Redknapp takes back scathing comments about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being ‘past it’ and admits his remarks came from a place of ‘frustration’ ahead of North London derby

  • Jamie Redknapp retracted the comments about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Redknapp said that the Gabon forward is struggling compared to last season
  • However, Redknapp now claims that his analysis of the striker was disrespectful
  • The Sky Sports pundit says that his criticism came from a place of frustration  

Jamie Redknapp has retracted the comments he made about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after his below-par display in Arsenal’s defeat against Manchester City. 

Redknapp had said that Aubameyang was ‘past his best’ and that he had been ‘bullied’ in every game this season. 

Redknapp has since admitted his analysis of the player was ‘disrespectful’ and that his criticism came from a place of frustration.  

Jamie Redknapp retracted the comments about Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Redknapp initially said: ‘Aubameyang is past his best. He’s going to have moments; he’s going to get hat-tricks. But when I watch him sometimes, it’s like he’s lost his superpower.

‘I saw him run past people when he first came to the Premier League. I saw him run past people at Dortmund. Now I’m seeing a player who looks like he’s going to get bullied.’

Since Redknapp scathing review of the Arsenal man, Aubameyang has scored three goals in four games. 

There is no Premier League player who has score more times in all competitions since January 9 than him. 

Redknapp had said that the Gabon forward was struggling this year compared to last season

However, Redknapp has now claims that his analysis of the striker was ‘disrespectful’

As a result, Redknapp retracted his statement ahead of Sunday’s North London derby and said: ‘It was disrespectful I would say, actually.

‘When I watched him against Manchester City he didn’t do enough, for me. I didn’t see a player who was running beyond and I didn’t see a player who had that hunger on that occasion.

‘And I think I was almost like that guy in the pub who’s going ‘he’s gone’.

‘And it was wrong, disrespectful, and I will take it back, because to talk about players who have done so much in the game… you shouldn’t do that.’ 

He added: ‘Sometimes we get a bit emotional and a bit frustrated. I’m a huge fan of Aubameyang’s on and off the field.

The Sky Sports pundit has now said that his criticism came from a place of frustration

Redknapp does, however, believe Aubameyang can do more and that he should be leading Arsenal from the front. 

He said: ‘I (still) think he can do more. I feel that it is so important that player like him lead the way.

‘When you think about some of the great strikers, every now and again they carry the team and I don’t see him doing that enough right now.

‘But that’s not to say what I said at the time wasn’t wrong. It was more born out of frustration, but I will take that back because he’ a fantastic player.’

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