Jose Mourinho dismisses concerns over Premier League restart in defiant message

Jose Mourinho says it is time for football to "give people what people want" as the Premier League gears up to return.

Last week's confirmation that the English top-flight season will restart on June 17 was then followed by the announcement that no players or staff have tested positive for coronavirus in latest round of testing.

Some clubs have expressed concern over the potential for injuries to their players as clubs gear up to play again following what will be a three-month absence, but Mourinho says such issues are trivial compared to what football can do as a collective.

“I think, football… we shouldn’t be selfish, we shouldn’t demand too much. It’s our time to give,” the Spurs boss told the Tottenham Hotspur website.

“For example, when players play Euros and World Cups, they barely have a holiday, they don’t have pre-season, they come direct from holiday and sometimes they train less than a week to play the first Premier League match.

“At this moment, people are worried about trying to have what they never have. For example, speaking about pre-season injuries, there are pre-season injuries. Everyone has pre-season injuries in normal seasons, so we cannot expect now not to have an injury here, an injury there.

"We cannot ask for more than the authorities are giving us, which is the maximum security, and I think now it’s time just to play and to give people what people want.”

Mourinho added that he was concerned about when the game could get going again, but instead he is now fully focused on getting back after a "really hard" time.

“I was telling [Sky Sports presenter] Geoff Shreeves the other day, we were coming here singing The Rolling Stones’ music, ‘I’m a ghost living in a ghost town’, because we are using to coming here and it’s full of life, lots of people – suddenly you come in, just us," he said.

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