Jurgen Klopp bans Liverpool players from international duty

Jurgen Klopp has made clear he will NOT allow his stars to travel for internationals if they must quarantine when they return.

And that could see him stopping Alisson, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho and Diogo Jota from playing for their nations.

The Premier League is facing a nightmare break after next weekend, when so many of the biggest names are due to go away with their countries.

But with the UK placing many nations on the ‘red list’ where a travel ban will be imposed, it has left clubs in the dark about whether their players will be given an exemption.

So far, the authorities have not given any assurances, and Klopp is the first to speak out, in saying he will not risk any of his players being faced with a 10 day quarantine when they come back from national team duty.

“I think everyone agrees we cannot let the players go and play for their country and come back and quarantine for 10 days in a hotel, that is not how we can do it.”

“FIFA was kind of clear that we don't have to let the players go this time, and I think all the clubs agree that with the same problems we cannot just let the boys go,” he said.

“We can’t just wait to sort the situation when they come back by placing our players in a 10-day quarantine in a hotel, it is just not possible.”

Klopp also raised the possibility of other nations placing the UK on a travel ban, which would complicate the situation further. And there is the possibility of players travelling through red zones, which would again force them to quarantine.

The Liverpool manager is the first to vent his frustration at the lack of clarity, not only from the football authorities, but also from governments, in deciding whether there will be exemptions.

But he insisted the loyalty of players MUST be to the clubs who pay their wages. “I understand the need of the different FAs, but we have to admit the players are paid by the clubs so it means we have to be first priority.

“This is a time where we cannot make everyone happy. We are not 100 per cent sure as some countrie may decide to change the venues they play and go to non-red zone countries.

“The whole situation is similar to the Champions League in terms of where we play and you have to wait until the last second. We cannot be influential in it. We just deal with what other people decided.”

Klopp also bluntly stated that Liverpool’s problems with Covid-19 outbreaks almost always came from periods when players were released for international duty…suggesting strongly he will not let them go this time.

“In the last few months when someone had to leave the bubble, in the last international break more cases than before came up.

“England is going in the right direction and it looks promising but yes, we are concerned about these kind of things. What is a red list country?

“England is doing really well at the moment and I think we are on the red list for some other countries, it is not easy for us to travel from England. Having more information would be great.”

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