Jurgen Klopp details what he first heard about Liverpool before joining club

Jurgen Klopp has detailed what he first heard about Liverpool before taking on the job at Anfield.

The German has enjoyed great success with the Reds since arriving in October 2015, winning the Champions League in 2019 before leading them to a first-ever Premier League title last season.

With two Bundesliga titles under his belt at Borussia Dortmund, the 53-year-old knew about winning and was hoping to inject that into the club that had struggled for silverware.

But Klopp has now admitted that the first thing he heard about the city was their relationship to a neighbouring country.

Speaking to Irish radio channel Today FM, he said: “What did I learn about the people of Liverpool?

“When I came to Liverpool, the first thing I heard was that a Scouser is a Irish man or woman who can swim!”

This leaves the studio in fits of laughter before Klopp explains the other factors that drove his move to Anfield.

“That’s what people told me,” he added.

“I think we’re closer to Ireland than any other city in England.

“So that’s what this club is built on, that’s what Bill Shankly was the heart and soul of, and that’s what we really want to keep.

“Things change in modern life but things like this have to stay. Everybody in this clubs breathes it and is exactly the same.

“I knew before I arrived that it was the right decision, the perfect decision. I’m really happy to be here.”

Klopp has been having a hard time recently, though, as he battles to cope with injuries to Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho in defence.

The latest injury came in a 2-0 win over Midtjylland, making it two wins from two in Europe, as the German is forced to rethink his options.

He did have a smile on his face after the Champions League win, though, after commenting on his interviewer’s moustache.

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