Keys left ‘pooing himself’ after mistaking Everton’s Z Cars for fire alarm on TV

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Richard Keys was spotted 'pooing himself' on BeIN Sports as the Everton side entered the pitch at Goodison Park on Sunday.

Keys – who is now a presenter in Qatar – was taken aback by the sudden emergence of an alarm.

“Am I hearing a fire alarm?" Keys asked nervously as his eyes started to shift around the room, desperate for an answer.

Unbeknown to Keys, in 2019, Everton added a Second World War siren – made famous by Toffees fan and professional boxer Tony Bellew – to their pre-match ritual before the opening bars of 'Z Cars' kick in.

“You should know what that is!” quipped Andy Gray, and Keys was quick to respond: “I know the music!”

“It starts like that, I thought you were taking the mickey, that’s why I never said anything," Grey added.

One fan was quick to tweet out: Hey Everton fans your theme tune just proper made Richard Keys poo himself top work."

Everton lost to Sheffield United on the day, and Keys didn't hold back on his personal blog following the full-time whistle.

"He’s at the wrong club [Ancelotti]. He’s always been at the wrong club. He was the perfect fit for Arsenal – a steady presence, able to handle big names and he would’ve eased the club back in the right direction.

"I’ve said this all before – Arteta was the right man for Everton – someone who’d had a touch of the ball at Goodison, who understood the club and could learn on the job as he re-built from the bottom up."

And his criticism didn't end there: "He [James Rodriguez] can’t run. If he could he wouldn’t. Play him right and he’s a liability.

"He won’t defend. Play him in the middle and players run round and off him."

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