Kyle Walker on lockdown life: Time to bite the bullet and think of others

Kyle Walker is finding the coronavirus lockdown tough but the Manchester City right-back knows this is the time to “bite the bullet” and think of others.

Top-level football across the world is suspended currently due to the coronavirus pandemic that continues to escalate.

It is 24 days since reigning Premier League champions City last took the field, with the suspension of matches compounded by a Government-imposed lockdown that has prevented normal training.

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Instead, footballers are working in isolation – something that Walker, whose last appearance came in the Carabao Cup final win against Aston Villa on March 1, might find difficult but knows is far bigger than football.

“It’s been tough, but first and foremost, we have to think about other people’s health and protecting the elderly and family members that can spread it,” Walker said.

“As a footballer that is used to a day-to-day routine and structure to your life, it is tough.

“I think it is something where we have to just bite the bullet and think about others rather than yourselves.”

Walker has three boys to kick-around with at home but is missing the dressing room banter, even if technology is providing a steady feed of laughter.

“We have jumped on HouseParty a few times and kind of got the banter going,” he said. “You have got the group chat that is always going off on some sort of madness.

“I think it is about mainly keeping the brain active. Obviously keeping yourselves active where, us as footballers, we have been provided with the gym equipment that Manchester City have given us and the bike and the programmes that we have carried out to make sure we are fine when we start the season, fingers crossed, again.”

One omission from those conversations is manager Pep Guardiola, but Walker has been in contact with the City manager, who has donated one million euros (£918,000) to the fight against coronavirus in Spain.

“Obviously Pep is not in the group chat!” the full-back said.

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