Laura Woods left giggling from Ally McCoist’s talkSPORT nightmare

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Presenter Laura Woods was left chuckling to herself after hearing all about Ally McCoist’s stressful Tuesday morning. The pair work together on talkSPORT, with the popular duo regularly a big hit with listeners. 

Former Rangers forward McCoist, however, seemed somewhat flustered during Tuesday’s show, as Woods noted: “You’re sweating!” “No wonder,” replied McCoist, as he prepared to launch into one of his famous anecdotes. “I’ll tell the listeners what’s happened.

“First of all, I normally stay in the hotel right across the road, so it takes me literally two minutes (to arrive at the studio). But I wasn’t, so I stayed at the hotel around the corner which I forgot is 10 or 15 minutes away. But I woke up this morning and just thought I was in the one over the road.

“So I’ve then got a wee sweat on. But I think ‘there’s still plenty of time’, so I get to talkSPORT towers at about 10 to. So I’m walking through the building, no problem, and get to the lifts. And the lifts are out of order.”

Woods can be seen giggling, before McCoist continues: “A security guy says to me ‘the lifts are out of order’, and I reply ‘so I can see’. And I look at him with those puppy dog eyes, wondering how I’m going to get to the 17th floor. And he says ‘you’re going to have to get the stairs.’

“So I walk round past security, and the service lift opens. As if, by chance. And I looked at him, and he looked at me, and he went: ‘I’m afraid you’re going to have to get the stairs.'”

“Selfish,” joked Woods, before McCoist said: “I was that close from adding, ‘do you have any idea who I am?’ And he clearly didn’t have any idea who I was. There’s 375 of those boys (stairs).” 

After continuing to tell his tale about trekking up the stairs, McCoist joked: “I was at that point suffering from high oxygen failure, but thankfully I made it up the next 44 stairs, and that’s the reason for my heavy breathing.”

Both Woods and McCoist then laughed at the incident, before moving on to turn their attentions towards discussing the latest sports news once more. The two clearly have fantastic on-air chemistry, and fans took to social media to praise them.

“Love the show, try to listen to it every day here in the States”, wrote one person on Twitter, while another added: “Great show Laura, thank you!”

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