Lionel Messi leads Argentina's dressing room celebrations

Now the party starts! Lionel Messi leads Argentina’s dressing room celebrations as he dances with the trophy… but retired star Sergio Aguero (who partied in a jersey!) couldn’t resist mocking France youngster Eduardo Camavinga

  • Lionel Messi led the celebrations after Argentina won in the World Cup final
  • The 35-year-old was dancing with the trophy on a table in the changing room
  • One of the jubilant Argentinians somersaulted into a bin to celebrate the win 
  • Sergio Aguero also joined in the celebrations – even donning an Argentina kit
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Lionel Messi led Argentina’s World Cup celebrations with the Player of the Tournament seen dancing on top of a table in the changing rooms in footage recorded by Sergio Aguero.

The 35-year-old led his side to World Cup glory after an incredible final where Argentina defeated France on penalties.

The World Cup was the one trophy deserting Messi’s collection and it appears the PSG forward could not be happier to add it to his haul.

Lionel Messi climbed on top of a table after Argentina beat France 2-1 in the World Cup final

The 35-year-old had just won the World Cup trophy that had been missing from his collection  

Messi was jumping up and down with the trophy before his teammates joined him on the table

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After getting on the table, Messi was joined by his teammate Lautaro Martinez who jumped up to dance with the World Cup trophy. 

The rest of the changing room gathered round their captain and continued to chant away with the World Cup trophy at the centre of everyone’s attention.

The former Barcelona star then partied with the $10m cheque Argentina were given after winning the final.

The chanting went quiet whilst Messi was being presented with the cheque but when it was handed over to Argentina’s No. 10 normal service resumed and the champions chants started back up again.

After Messi finished dancing on tables and with cheques, the celebrations became slightly more unorthodox.

 Messi was joined by teammate Lautaro Martinez whilst the rest of the squad cheered

Amidst the partying after the game, Messi was presented with a cheque in front of his team 

The cheque presented to Messi and the Argentina national team was worth a staggering $10m

The PSG forward jumped up and down with the cheque whilst his teammates chanted

It was a brilliant World Cup final and one of the Argentina staff members decided there was no better way to celebrate than somersaulting into a bin.

Buoyed on by their colleagues as if they were doing the long jump at the Olympics, this member of staff launched himself into the bin headfirst.

They got a fair bit of height on the jump and dived straight into the bin with perfect form.

After getting out of the bin the now-gymnast was greeted to plenty of cheers and plenty of alcohol as they made their way up from the floor.

This member of staff somersaulted into a bin as Argentina celebrated the World Cup final win

They got quite a lot of height on the jump as they flew into the bin headfirst with perfect form

The Argentina squad looked on in stitches as the bin toppled over with the man stuck inside

As they appeared from out of the bin – they were soaked by the rest of the team watching

Whilst the celebrations were going on, Aguero also took the time to mock France youngster Eduardo Camavinga.

Whilst celebrating in an Argentina kit, despite being retired from football, Aguero decided to dedicate a drink to the Real Madrid man – also calling him a d***face.

The celebrations will continue long into the night for Argentina players and fans as they are finally able to celebrate their third World Cup trophy. 

Sergio Aguero called Eduardo Camavinga a d***face whilst on his livestream post-game

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