Liverpool have weaknesses too, says Porto boss Sergio Conceicao

Porto boss Sergio Conceicao insists they will try to target Liverpool’s weaknesses as they look to level up the imbalance they face on and off the field.

The last two meetings between the clubs, in 2018 and 2019, have seen the Primeira Liga side concede 11 goals and score just one having lost the home legs 5-0 and 4-1.

Conceicao said while little had altered in Klopp’s squad, his own side had undergone significant change.

“If we look at Liverpool’s experience, since 2019 they have lost (Dejan) Lovren and (Georginio) Wijnaldum,” he said. “We were left with three: (Jesus Manuel) Corona Otavio and Bruno Costa.

“That experience and the fact that they stay together is very important in a competition like this.

“We can highlight numerous theoretical differences, such as the fact that our budget is 20 or 30 per cent of Liverpool’s, but that will not come into play tomorrow.

“What comes in is the preparation of the game, the strategy we define and the way we are going to be organised.

“We have to be as competitive as Liverpool an opponent who, for me, is the best team in the world at some moments in the game – and I’m not exaggerating Liverpool’s value.

“It’s up to us to counter that opponent’s power and expose some of the opponent’s weaknesses, because they also exist.”

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