Lukaku says leaving Man Utd for Inter Milan has helped him 'mature'

‘It’s not only about yourself anymore’: Romelu Lukaku tells Thierry Henry that leaving Manchester United for Inter Milan has helped him become a more ‘mature’ footballer

  • Romelu Lukaku was sold by Manchester United to Inter Milan for £73m last year 
  • The Belgian has scored 17 goals in 25 games in his first season in the Serie A 
  • Lukaku told Thierry Henry that leaving Manchester has helped him mature 

Romelu Lukaku says he has ‘matured’ as a footballer since joining Inter Milan following a tough spell at Manchester United.

The Belgian international completed a £73m deal last summer to join the Serie A side, and he has been on red hot form, scoring 17 goals in 25 games.   

Lukaku has told Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, that the move has helped him ‘mature’ and to work more as a team player.

Romelu Lukaku says the move to Inter Milan has helped him to ‘mature’ as a footballer

‘When you mature, it’s not only about yourself anymore,’ the 26-year-old striker told Henry during a chat on Instagram Live.

‘Scoring is my drug, that’s what I live on. But the older you get, you have to use your intelligence, I am a student of the game.

‘I think if I want to help my team, I have to be capable to give assists.

‘It cannot just be me (scoring), it has to be the guy next to you. Everyone has to feel important.

‘If I cannot shoot myself, I will always look for the pass.’

Lukaku’s stint at Old Trafford lasted just two seasons as he struggled with inconsistent form throughout his time at the club. 

The Belgian international moved to Italy after a troubled two-year stint at Manchester United

His electric start to Italy came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic and it remains unclear when the Serie A will return. 

He said: ‘It’s just difficult, I miss the competitiveness, the training sessions and I miss the game, playing in front of the fans.

‘That is the most difficult thing and the thing I miss the most.’ 

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