Luke Shaw and Kevin De Bruyne condemn Super League as controversial proposal crumbles

Manchester United’s Luke Shaw and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne posted separate public statements denouncing the proposed Super League moments before the entire proposal began to come crashing down.

Chelsea and Manchester City became the first clubs to pull out of the controversial competition, which was designed to ringfence money and power in the game for a few privileged clubs – something fans, pundits, leagues and associations have come together to condemn.

Some players have also spoken out, with Liverpool’s James Milner explaining to interviewers on Monday night that he did not like the proposals, while Marcus Rashford posted a picture on Twitter of a famous Sir Matt Busbey quote, “Football is nothing without fans.”

De Bruyne said he is “still a little boy who just loves to play football” as he questioned the closed-shop system, while Shaw called on fans to be heard and described his childhood dream of playing in the Champions League and Premier League.

Manchester United are thought to have been among the ringleaders of the project, while Liverpool and Arsenal were also keen giving they are also under American ownership – owners who are used to a sporting landscape which does not carry the threat of relegation or missing out on qualification for lucrative competitions like European football.

Their attempts along with Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez to transform football into effectively an American franchise-style system, with money assured for the richest few clubs, appears to have been thwarted as the vitriolic reaction across the sport has caused participants to buckle.

It appears De Bruyne and Shaw will be two players on the right side of history.

Kevin De Bruyne

“This man comes out a little town out of Belgium dreaming of playing at the highest stage possible. I’ve represented the Belgium, German and English league. And also proudly represented my country. I have worked and competed against everybody Tring to win the ultimate. But the most important word in this is COMPETING.

“We know this is a big business and I know I am part of this business. But still I am a little boy who just loves to play football. It’s not about a certain entity in this case, it’s about football all over the world. Let’s keep inspiring the next generation of footballers and keep the fans dreaming.”

Luke Shaw

“Not a minute has passed when I haven’t thought about the current situation. I wondered how I could express my opinion without causing any issues for my club, which everyone knows I care about deeply.

“I grew up watching the Premier League and Champions League and fell in love with the sport watching, what in my opinion are the two biggest club competitions in the world.

“My ambition was to one day be able to play in this competitions and part of this determination was to show that with hard work anyone can achieve these dreams and play on the highest stages.

“There is so much passion around the world for football and I have been privileged to experience that first hand, however I worry that these changes could impact the sport that I and millions of others love.

“We’ve been without supporters in stadiums for over a year now and I know how much myself and the team have missed them in each and every game. Fans and players should always have a voice and their opinion should always be counted.”

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