Man left with disfigured face after brutal Slap Fighting championship

Man left with disfigured and swollen face after brutal strike in Slap Fighting championship – before going on to WIN the tournament… as UFC star Conor McGregor praises the ‘gorgeous technique’ shown in the viral clip

  • A video clip has gone viral from the recent RXF Slap Fighting tournament  
  • Sorin Comsa was left unrecognisable after receiving a brutal strike on the day 
  • Comsa’s face was swollen and bloodied by the time the event came to an end 
  • UFC star Conor McGregor weighed in and praised the ‘gorgeous technique’
  • Comsa went on to be crowned the eventual winner of the entire tournament 

A man has been left with a swollen and disfigured face after partaking in the RXF Slap Fighting championships in Romania.

A video clip from the tournament has gone viral after competitor Sorin Comsa received a brutal strike to the head, which had him looking unrecognisable from the start of the day.

Many have been quick to comment on the clip including UFC star Conor McGregor, who praised the ‘gorgeous technique’ shown in the bizarre event.

Sorin Comsa was left with a bloodied and disfigured face after receiving a brutal strike 

Comsa was on the receiving end of a brutal strike in the RXF Slap Fighting championship

The Romanian heavyweight was unrecognisable compared to his appearance at the start

In the clip, which happened to be the final of the tournament, Comsa is competing against Alexandru Gorczyca. The latter bides his time before landing a flush, open-palm strike on his opponent.

Comsa immediately looked dazed and puts his hand on his temple – seemingly complaining about the validity of the strike before continuing. 

The sport has grown in popularity – amid UFC president Dana White’s plans to launch a Power Slap League – and, because of this, the clip caught the attention of some big names. 

Conor McGregor – who fights in White’s organisation – analysed Gorczyca’s brutal strike and tweeted: ‘Absolutely gorgeous technique congrats the new heavy weight champion’.

Some were quick to note the timely comment from the ‘Notorious’, given the fact that White’s new promotion will debut on Wednesday night. 

UFC star Conor McGregor was quick to throw praise on the ‘gorgeous technique’ shown

Comsa appeared to struggle for a moment before complaining to officials about the strike

Despite receiving the heavy blow in the video clip, Comsa went on to beat his opponent to be crowned the champion of the entire tournament. 

For his efforts, the Romanian picked up the RXF heavyweight title and £4430 (€5000) in prize money.

Slap fighting is a sport which involves two competitors standing in-front of each other and taking turns to land an open-palm strike on their counterpart.

UFC president came under fire for promoting his new Power Slap League after a video emerged of him striking his wife during a New Years Eve party.

Comsa stood with his hands raised after being crowned champion of the competition

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