Man Utd striker Marcus Rashford ‘most trolled player’ in the Premier League

A study has revealed the volume of negative tweets sent to Premier League stars, as the issue of online trolling is laid bare.

The study comes just months after the Professional Footballers’ Association revealed more and more players are deleting accounts due to the barrage of negative messages sent their way.

In the last month, Liverpool’s Neco Williams and Aston Villa’s Henri Lansbury and Anwar El Ghazi have closed social media profiles.

Back in Ferbruary, director of player welfare for the PFA, Michael Bennett said social media had created an environment there was no escape for some players.

"I've spoken to players who've deleted their accounts," he told BBC Sport.

"That's just because of the barrage they get.

"You think about it, some of these players have 50, 60, 100,000 followers, and if you're getting negative feedback from a large proportion of those individuals, it's going to affect you." has now conducted research which has looked at the percentage of trolling messages sent to top-flight players.

Marcus Rashford tops the list with 28.5% of all tweets directed him, described as “negative”.

That’s despite the Manchester United star’s excellent work on tackling the issue of child poverty, throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

England teammates Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane and Dele Alli are all in the top 10, while Arsenal due Mesut Ozil also come in for a high portion of abuse.

Defenders Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Silva also appear in the list, despite Silva only making his Premier League debut last month.

Manchester United stopper David de Gea rounds off the list, as criticism of his performances continue to intensify.

Top 10 most “trolled” players (via Compare.Bet)

Marcus Rashford – percentage of negative tweets: 28.5%

Raheem Sterling – percentage of negative tweets: 24.7%

Gabriel Jesus – percentage of negative tweets: 22%

Harry Kane – percentage of negative tweets: 21.4%

Dele Alli – percentage of negative tweets: 20.9%

Mesut Ozil – percentage of negative tweets: 18.9%

David Luiz – percentage of negative tweets: 18.5%

Virgil van Dijk – percentage of negative tweets: 16%

Thiago Silva – percentage of negative tweets: 15.8%

David de Gea – percentage of negative tweets: 15.2%

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