Matt Le Tissier called OnlyFans daughter-in-law ‘bad mum’ asking she ‘drop name’

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Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law claims the football legend branded her a "bad mum" after joining OnlyFans – and even demanded she drop his surname on the site.

Alex Le Tissier claims the former footballer has not spoken to her directly since she began stripping off online last year.

She is married to the pundit's son, Mitch, and the Covid-19 pandemic hit the pair so hard she was struggling to feed her four kids.

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Mitch, who has a background in insurance, was struggling to work while Alex was a stay-at-home mum.

But Alex says that although she has "changed the lives" of her loved ones since stripping down on OnlyFans and Babestation, it sparked the wrath of her parents in law.

She told Daily Star: “At first they would make comments and digs through my husband. They said I am a bad mum for doing this and they made fun of my body.

“Unfortunately the sex industy isn’t something that a lot of people want to be associated with.

“One of the things that annoyed me most is… you can't go on social media and say things like ‘everybody should have control of their own body in regards to the vaccine’. But you are not going to allow me to have choices over my body when it comes to OnlyFans or Babestation?”

Alex believes Le Tissier, 53, found out after being shown one of her X-rated images.

But she has not spoken to him directly to hear his thoughts or those of Mitch’s step-mum.

Yet the initial reaction was so hostile, she claims they asked her to drop their surname on the site.

She added: “I was most disappointed with his family’s reaction. They were not very nice about it. They asked me not to use my name and for a while I didn’t.

“At the time it was really hurtful. Prior to being married I kind of had built up my own – I don’t want to say fanbase – but my own little following on Instagram.

“I don’t have millions but I had 25,000 followers and that was all from blogging and I used to do influencer things around Southampton and that was before I got married.

“So I felt like I had built up my little platform without the name.

“Unless you knew us both already nobody knew I was dating Matt Le Tissier’s son because I’m just not that person.

“It was hurtful that a narrative was spun that I was using the name to gain clout and the money.”

The brunette beauty said joining the adult subscription site was daunting – despite making £3,000 in her first month.

Initially she refused to post naked photos on her timeline – although she is now more comfortably revealing sultry images to paying subscribers.

She added: “Before OnlyFans I wouldn’t say I was an angel or anything but I had never sent a nude to anyone before. Nobody had really seen pictures of me naked so it was kind of a big deal.

“But with the lockdown my husband was struggling with his mental health and it got to the point where he was struggling to work and it was affecting our finances.

“We are both 30 and we have our own kids. It's down to us to fix the problem, it was going to get to the point where it wasn't that far off having to think about going to a food bank.

“You see people making insane amounts of money and I’m not at that level but it has been money that has changed mine and my kids' lives.

“For instance at Christmas my kids had everything they wanted. It was first hand and brand new and they were super happy. It takes a lot of stress off you and it’s good in that way.”

The 30-year-old mum said her relationship with Le Tissier was positive before OnlyFans – despite admitting there had always been “friction”.

She said: “There has always been a bit of friction but prior to that, I would say for like a good two years we were on really good terms.

“We spent Christmas Days together and everything was fine. I had spent way more time with them than my own family and we were on really good terms.”

And asked how her husband dealt with her dramatic career change, she said: “To be honest it was something we just had to do financially.

“There were a lot of conversations and he is a really open minded person. He’s not close minded in that sense.

“He’s not insecure about our relationship and he was happy for me to do it.

"We knew there would be backlash so he was worried on that part – but when it came to people seeing his wife naked he really doesn’t mind."

She told her sisters and two friends about her decision to join OnlyFans before making a public announcement on social media.

Southampton icon Le Tissier was a cult hero before questionable comments about Covid-19 and Ukraine led to unfavourable media coverage.

He also lost his role at Sky Sports Soccer Saturday in August 2020.

But as for his daughter-in-law, she said life has never been better since becoming a racy model.

“It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she concluded.

“I’m not a bad person and this is just a job I enjoy doing. I shouldn’t be made out to be a villain when I’m just feeding my kids.

Daily Star has approached Matt Le Tissier for comment.


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