Matt Le Tissier says "we’re not alone" and insists evidence suggests UFOs exist

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Footballer-turned-conspiracy theorist Matt Le Tissier has doubled down on his controversial opinions, and weighed in on the debate surrounding whether there is life beyond Earth.

During his time in football, Le Tissier was renowned as a technically-gifted goalscorer, becoming a hero at his boyhood club Southampton while knocking in 209 goals in 462 appearances.

However, after going on to work as a pundit on Sky Sports, Le Tissier was allegedly fired from his role after backlash surrounding his views on covid; he recently made the baffling suggestion that covid patients shown gasping for breath on television were actors.

Now, speaking to James English on his Anything Goes podcast, the ex-footballer appeared to support the idea that life exists outside of Earth.

“UFOs is another one that I kind of looked into, and now you’re just starting to see in the media in the last few weeks, a little bit more about UFOs,” he suggested.

“That’s another whole situation where there seems to be a lot of evidence and not a lot of people talking about it.

“I think the weight of evidence is that, you know what, we’re probably not alone in this world. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.”

The forward also speculated on the moon landings, which took place in 1969, and have been the subject of various unproven conspiracy theories since.

“I think I saw an interview with somebody who said we can’t go back to the moon because we destroyed the technology that we had. I was like, ‘what? You did what? Why are you expecting me to believe that?’

“Who knows, I don’t know enough about it to be able to have an opinion one way or another, but I’ve looked into it. It’s fascinating, it really is.”

Le Tissier’s fellow pundit Chris Kamara recently announced that he would be stepping down from Sky Sports, and presenter Jeff Stelling had to hold back tears while paying tribute to the fan favourite.

Last summer Le Tissier also left the broadcasting giant, along with other fan favourites including Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas. Addressing the decision on the podcast, Le Tissier claimed that he had been sacked with “seven months” left on his contract.

“Given what transpired over the last couple of years and the way the mainstream media have frightened the s*** out of the population, I’m quite relieved not to be working for them,” he added, doubling down on his anti-mainstream media arguments.

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