Mauricio Pochettino names best manager in the world ahead of PSG vs Man City

Mauricio Pochettino has insisted Pep Guardiola is the best manager in the world.

Paris Saint Germain boss Pochettino will go head-to-head with his long time rival Guardiola again in their Champions League showdown this week.

But ex-Tottenham boss Pochettino says they will have to beat the best coach on the planet if PSG are to reach next month’s final in Istanbul.

Pochettino, who famously knocked out Manchester City in the 2019 quarter final on the way to reaching the final, said: “For me, he is the best. I admire him.

“I think he’s a doing a fantastic job not only in Manchester City but before with Barcelona and Bayern Munich and I think he’s an amazing coach with an amazing coaching staff too because I know all the people who work with him.

“For me, he’s a fantastic manager and he’s a coach always thinking of doing different strategies and different game-plans.

“It’s many things. He is a very intelligent coach. Who works really, really hard with all the coaching staff. A club like Manchester City that really gives him all the confidence to take all the decisions and be the real boss, that is the most important too.

“A club that trusts in you and gives all the elements and gives everything for you to build the team that you want and to take the decision that you think is the best for the club. It is not only the best manager, the club is important.

“The club provides you with all the tools to be successful that is a combination that Manchester City between Pep, the coaching staff, the club, the board, everyone.

“They create an amazing structure, very solid, and very clear idea of how they need to act to take decisions and that is why they are successful. It is many things.”

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