Mexico fans banned from wearing Lucha Libre masks at Qatar World Cup

Mexico fans have been banned from wearing Lucha Libre masks at the Qatar World Cup.

The supporters, known for their flamboyant celebrations and use of ‘waves’, will not be allowed to wear the traditional head garments owing to restrictions by the Qatar 2022 Organizing Committee.

The masks are a nod to the country’s huge wrestling scene but the organisation has warned announced on Monday that fans will not be allowed to wear them inside the stadiums during the competition that’s to be held next month.

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Alfonso Zagbe, executive director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy at Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview with ESPN: "The latest update from the Organizing Committee is that masks will not be allowed, I have to confess that we took some wrestlers' masks to ask if they could be used and they told us they didn't see a problem

"Let's not forget that we are in a complex region, the Middle East, so in their latest update, which stipulates what you can and can't do, masks are prohibited."

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Meanwhile, there have been cautions that if supporters are found to have smuggled such items into the stadium, security personnel will be on hand to ask them to take the masks out.

In addition, Mexican officials have warned travelling fans it is forbidden to bring alcohol into the country, with Mexico warning their fans:" If it is at the airport, the alcohol is automatically seized and if there is anything that would exceed minor administrative sanctions, then there is going to be consular protection from the Mexican authorities."

Qatar is an Islamic country and has strict customs and rules when compared to western countries.

While alcohol isn’t illegal in Qatar, drinking in public and being drunk in public is. Booze is available to buy for those over 21-year-olds from licensed hotel restaurants and bars in the area.


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