Mia Khalifa appeared on AFTV – but red-faced host couldnt say who she was

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Retired porn star Mia Khalifa was an unlikely guest on AFTV ahead of Arsenal's trip to take on West Ham at the London Stadium back in 2019 – and introducing her left host Robbie red-faced.

AFTV was created back in 2012 as a platform for Arsenal supporters to get their views across, and they now have 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and interviews with Olivier Giroud, Ian Wright and Thierry Henry among others.

The preview show for their trip across London in January of 2019 went in a different direction, getting a Hammers fan on the show to give their thoughts on the upcoming encounter.

Before Mia had the chance to explain why she supports West Ham and how she saw the fixture going, Robbie was left confused about how to explain how she became famous.

Robbie begins by saying: "Welcome along to AFTV. We've got he most off-the-hook preview of a game ever. I got an email about a month ago saying: 'Robbie, do you want to do a preview for the Arsenal vs West Ham game with Mia Khalifa?'."

Before adding of his reaction: "(I thought) Mia Khalifa? (And they said) 'yeah she's a West Ham fan' and I was like 'what?' And now it's happening. We're here!"

Robbie opted not to explain her past profession, describing her as only a West Ham fan before moving onto the interview.

One viewer wrote on YouTube: "Robbie trying so hard to not bring up her past with porn LOOOOOOOL. "Mia Khalifa? …… She's a West Ham fan." HAHAHAHAHAHA."

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She went on to describe in details why she supports the Hammers, having begun to attend games in recent seasons after supporting them from afar.

"My team for hockey is the Capitals, for American football is the Redskins, for basketball is the Wizards and the Nationals for baseball," she listed.

Robbie noted: "All DC based, all Washington teams. I just still don’t get the West Ham thing, though."

Mia replied: "Well if my other teams tell you anything, it’s that I love teams that suck."

Mia added: "The same reason every American knows anything about West Ham or Premier League soccer – from Green Street Hooligans."

She had previously said: "I watched Green Street hooligans when I was young and ever since then I've loved West Ham.

"I haven't been to any games, that was actually my first time ever in England when I was there. I could see the stadium from where I was at the top of the tower, it looked a little far away.

"I would love to (attend a game), I actually plan on going back to do a food tour there. And I'm going to make it line up with a match that I can go and see."

The West Ham fan had a three-month stint in the industry but has become one of the most viewed performers ever, and still holds notoriety to this day.

After quitting the profession, she transitioned into a social media personality and began to focus on sports instead of sex.


She now commands 26million Instagram followers.

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