Micah Richards and Roy Keane bromance

The best of Micah Richards and Roy Keane’s bromance after the former Man City star defended the Man United legend following ‘headbutt’ from a fan

  • Roy Keane was allegedly headbutted by a fan during Arsenal’s win at Man United 
  • His fellow pundit Micah Richards was seen attempting to diffuse the situation 
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Micah Richards’ close bond with Roy Keane came to the fore again this weekend after the former Man City defender defended his fellow pundit after allegedly being assaulted by a fan at the Emirates Stadium.

Richards was seen grappling with the man to restrain him after he was accused of aiming a headbutt at Keane, before security guards arrived. 

Richards and Keane are known for having heated debates and hilarious banter back and forth while appearing on Sky for the biggest games, but off screen they share a close relationship that has enthralled fans for the last few years. 

While Richards usually cannot resist winding Keane up in the studio every weekend, during Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Manchester United this weekend he came to the rescue as he intervened after the supporter confronted his colleague. 

Richards attempted to diffuse the situation after the individual allegedly hit the Irishman on the chest and chin. 

Micah Richards displayed his close bond with Roy Keane this weekend after defending him when a man allegedly headbutted him at the Emirates 

The pair have built up a bromance during their years working together on Sky Sports

On Monday, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that a man, 42, has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Confirming the incident, Sky said: ‘We understand the police are investigating an alleged assault by a member of the public immediately preceding the footage circulating on social media.

‘In the footage seen, Micah Richards was acting to defuse a situation.’

After the latest act of affection from Richards towards Keane, Mail Sport takes a look through the pair’s bromance and light-hearted moments. 

Richards was ‘starstruck’ by Keane  

Speaking about his relationship with Keane last summer, Richards candidly admitted he was starstruck by his colleague and was not worthy of sitting alongside him.  

‘I don’t really get starstruck,’ he told the Athletic. ‘I did with (Patrick) Vieira when he came to Man City and working with Thierry Henry on CBS, but Roy… he’s a Manchester United captain, a legend, and with the greatest respect to me, I shouldn’t even be allowed to sit next to him.’

Richards explained that Keane is not the angry and miserable character he is sometimes made out to be while furiously slamming teams on Sky and insisted he had brought out a new side to him. 

‘Roy is everything I didn’t expect him to be,’ he added. ‘It’s hard to explain without going over the top, but there’s this perception that he’s an angry, old… but he’s the nicest, most considerate guy. And on the other hand, I think I’ve helped bring out a side of him that a lot of people wouldn’t see. And I take great pride in that.

‘I know I sometimes go a bit over the top in terms of getting reactions, but I love working with him.

Richards admitted to feeling starstruck by Keane last year and felt he was not worthy of sitting alongside him in the studio

‘It’s almost awkward because Roy Keane has asked me to go for a coffee, you know what I mean? He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in broadcasting. He’s a diamond, he really is.’

Scotland here we come!

In March 2021, following the exit of Celtic boss Neil Lennon, former Hoops player Roy Keane emerged as one of the leading contenders to take the role. 

John Kennedy ended up taking the post until the end of the 2020-21 season before Ange Postecoglou became permanent boss that summer, but that didn’t stop Richards from latching onto the rumours with delight. 

He suggested he would be joining Keane in Glasgow as his assistant manager after seeing a story on social media claiming the Man United legend was in line for the job and claimed he had his ‘bags packed’ to travel up north with him. 

‘I’ve just packed my bags!!! Scotland here we come!’ he wrote on Twitter. 

Richards joked he was off to Scotland after Keane was linked with the Celtic job in 2021

Infamous ‘burst onto the scene’ row

Richards had described himself as ‘bursting onto the scene’ in his own career while discussing Billy Gilmour in 2020, telling him to ‘keep his feet on the ground’.

‘I burst onto the scene, didn’t I? And I was going to be the next best thing.

‘And yeah, I won a Premier League, which is the best thing you could ever do.

‘I won the FA Cup and I got to play for a team that I loved, but I underachieved because sometimes, as a player, you can believe the hype.’

Keane and Richards were involved in an infamous row on Sky Sports in 2020 after the latter claimed he ‘burst onto the scene’ at Man City

Keane hit back, joking: ‘Did you burst onto the scene? Very few defenders burst onto the scene.’ 

Richards then replied: ‘Hold on, I played for England at 18, the youngest ever defender to play for England! I would say that’s bursting onto the scene.’

Keane snubs Richards in pundits list 

Last year, Keane delivered a brutal verdict to Richards when he was asked to give his top three favourite pundits – leaving out the 2011-12 Premier League winner. 

The former midfielder gave an explanation for his picks last year, saying: ‘What does help when you listen to people like Jamie [Carragher] is they’re very passionate, they love what they do and I think that comes across.

‘I think Nev [Gary Neville] is very good. I have to go with Nev because again obviously I want tickets for the Salford games!

Keane risked devastating Richards last year when he left him out of his top three pundits 

‘And I like Graeme [Souness]. When I was growing up I would watch Graeme as a player and I thought he was a brilliant player, so he’s always had that influence on me. I’ve done some work with him and, again, I think Graeme thinks along the same lines as me.’ 

Fellow Sky Sports presenter David Jones then addressed the elephant in the room, adding: ‘Spare a thought for Micah Richards who’s just sobbing on his sofa right now.’ 

Richards responded with a gif of exactly that situation – someone crying on a sofa.

Teasing Keane over wearing make-up and his packed lunch

When Keane does anything slightly out of the ordinary – or even something ordinary – Richards doesn’t let the opportunity go begging. 

Richards loves teasing Keane on social media and there was no exception ahead of a game in 2020 when he caught his colleague applying make-up during an ad-break – with the ex-defender left in hysterics. 

Richards’ trademark laugh can be heard with the pundit incomprehensible during an Instagram clip where Keane smiles and shrugs him off – while fellow presenter Jamie Carragher points out that he’s crying of laughter. 

Richards was in hysterics in 2020 when he caught Keane applying make-up during an ad-break and this year he poked fun at him for bringing in a packed lunch

This year there was another thing Richards had noticed about Keane in between filming – he had brought in a packed lunch for work. 

While recording the rest of the TV crew tuck into their lunch, which looked like hot lasagne being served before filming got underway, Richards zoomed in on Keane’s packed sandwich wrapped up in foil, saying, ‘Oh you brought a packed lunch?’ 

Keane replies that he made a ham sandwich, with Richards saying: ‘What is this nonsense?’ 

An unlikely road trip ahead of Euro 2020

Just before Euro 2020 kicked off, Richards and Keane were sent on a road trip to record a new preview for the tournament, much to the latter’s dismay, with the former England defender initially joking that he colleague would be going on tour with him. 

The pair were on air for Man City’s Carabao Cup semi-final victory over their Manchester rivals at Old Trafford in January 2021 when Richards suggested the idea.

As Keane barely disguised a grimace, Richards said: ‘Roy, you said we’re going a tour? Didn’t you?’

The pair teamed up for an unlikely road trip preview show ahead of Euro 2020 

He then pans to Sky Sports presenter Laura Woods as she walked past, adding: ‘Loz, you’re my witness. We’re going on a road tour!’. He captioned the video: ‘@LauraWoodsy is my witness. Road trip Richards/Keane. He definitely wants to punch me’.

But just five months later, his dream became a reality as they were recorded discussing the tournament for Sky Bet with Richards driving and Keane in the passenger’s seat. 

A hilarious first episode saw Keane criticising Richards for pitching up late and asked to stop off at TGI Fridays for a bite to eat.

Keane initially displayed his frustration with Richards’ tardiness, checking his watch, blowing out his cheeks and stating he ‘didn’t want to go anymore.’

He said: Why can’t people be on time? There’s no excuse. Where is he? Jesus, man.’

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