Micah Richards ranks fellow pundits on toughness including "weasel" Gary Neville

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Micah Richards ranked himself above both Roy Keane and Graeme Souness when asked which Sky Sports pundits are the toughest while alongside Jamie Redknapp on A League of Their Own.

While brushing aside Gary Neville's chances of beating anyone, he called the age of Souness into the debate while in hypothesising who might win if the ex-pros were to enter a boxing ring.

The former Manchester City defender was appearing alongside fellow pundit Redknapp on the panel show, who had some of his own thoughts regarding the ranking of Richards.

In putting himself top and Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher in the top three, the former Liverpool midfielder came only ahead of Souness and Neville.

Richards begun: "Well Souey (Graeme Souness) would be bottom because he's the oldest."

With Redknapp replying: "I don't agree with you… Souey would ruin Gary Neville. Souey can fight, Souey is tough."

Richards continued: "Yes of course! Gary Neville the weasel. Of course it's Gary Neville. Gary Neville: sixth. Souey fifth. Jamie fourth."

The former England international put himself top with Keane second and Carragher third.

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Back in March, Richards ranked Keane fifth in his top 10 list of Premier League hard men.

He said of his decision on BBC Sounds: "I watch some videos because a couple of these are before my time.

"The reason that he has slipped down to number five is because I was watching clips of Duncan Ferguson, and both Jaap Stam and Keane walked away from a confrontation.

"So I was like… 'how hard are you really then?' And Dunc, well you've seen the size of big Dunc."

Alan Shearer then added: "I would walk away from a confrontation with big Dunc as well."

With Richards saying: "Everyone did though! I was thinking: 'He's the ultimate hard man because no one wants smoke with him.'

"No one wants smoke with Duncan Ferguson. So Roy, let me down to be honest."

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