Michael Owen so jealous of Love Island daughter Gemma he "needed counselling"

Michael Owen had to receive counselling after he was left jealous of his wife's relationship with his eldest daughter Gemma.

When the former Ballon d'Or winner retired, he revealed his mental health was suffering and he was annoyed by various things, including his wife Louise’s close relationship with their daughter. Gemma Owen has now become a star in her own right thanks to her appearance on Love Island.

Owen said in his 2020 autobiography Reboot: “To my surprise, I found myself standing at a figurative cliff edge in 2014. A lifetime of that certain type of mentality, of behaviour, had led me to a point where I had to seek professional help…"

He continued: “For years, because of my own inner demons, I was intentionally really hard on Louise about subjects that I knew would push her buttons most – not least her close relationship with our daughter Gemma.

“Let me be very clear and say that none of this was in any way a reflection on how I felt about either Gemma or Louise. I love them both with all of me.

“I’d take everything out on Louise, though. I’d accuse her of spending all her time with her eldest and ignoring the other kids. It wasn’t even true.”

Owen has spoken about how proud he is of his daughter.

And before the 19-year-old headed into the villa, he said: "Personality. She’s the most amazing girl you could meet. She’s clever and funny and kind. She’s not two-faced. She’s loyal, a decent person."

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