Mino Raiola breaks silence over European Super League plans

Superagent Mino Raiola has broken his silence on the proposal of the European Super League – and it seems he is largely against the plan.

Raiola shared on Instagram a statement from the Football Forum – an international movement of agents and players – pointing out how wrong it is that these plans were put in place before any consultation with footballers.

Although the statement condemns the treatment of players, it does go on to add that change to European competition is necessary.

The post shared by Raiola reads: "The Football Forum (TFF) stands to protect and secure player's rights. Players must not suffer negative consequences because of developments in football.

"Players have not been a part of any talks, have had no say in this week's events and nonetheless they are being used in this discussion.

"One point, however, is clear and confirms what we have been saying for years: the current system is not sustainable – it's time for change in a way that makes sense for all members of the football world.

European Super League announcement fallout

"TFF favours a more transparent, democratic and modern football system which we believe is in the best interests of players, fans and the game in general.

"We will fight for the rights of players in any system, making sure players' voices are heard and views taken into consideration. Players, after all, are the most important part of the game."

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