Mourinho slams Premier League over pay-per-view matches

‘I feel sorry for the fans… £14 is a lot of money’: Jose Mourinho slams Premier League over pay-per-view matches and points out fans cannot even watch their team together

  • Jose Mourinho is not in agreement with league proposal to charge for matches 
  • Premier League will ask fans to pay £14.95 to watch their side on pay-per-view 
  • Mourinho says it is a lot of money and isn’t fair as fans cannot meet together
  • Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has also expressed agreement with Mourinho 

Jose Mourinho has slammed the Premier League’s new plans to charge £14.95 for pay-per-view matches with supporters still unable to enter the stadiums.

The proposal was announced after Government guidelines indicated mass sporting gatherings are still not permitted, as the battle against the spread of coronavirus continues.

Supporters will now be charged over £14 to watch their side if the match isn’t showcased by a mainstream broadcaster, and Mourinho feels the new plans are far from fair.

Speaking this week on the issue, Mourinho pulled no punches and outlined that supporters cannot even join each other to watch their side given the ruling on mixed households. 

‘£14 is a lot of money,’ Mourinho said in his pre-match press conference ahead of Tottenham facing London rivals West Ham on Sunday. 

‘You cannot even share with your friends as they cannot come to your house [in London]. It is difficult. 

Mourinho has sided with the fans, saying the cost is wrong because it cannot even be split

‘I feel sorry for the fans. But hopefully this stops quickly and we can have some people in the stadium.’

Other managers across the top flight have also offered their opinion on the matter, with a growing consensus that fans are being hard done by.

Addressing the issue, Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers expressed his disappointment and questioned the judgement of the move at a time when many people find themselves struggling financially. 

 ‘I’m disappointed for supporters, at the moment it’s already very difficult for them,’ Rodgers said. 

‘If you can’t afford to pay that, then you don’t get to see the game. If it is in place now then I hope it’s not going to be for a sustained period of time.’

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has also expressed his disappointment at the move

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