Neville calls out Premier League clubs for "hiding" during coronavirus crisis

Gary Neville has accused Premier League club leaders of 'hiding' and 'going quiet' amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Sky Sports pundit called out club owners and CEOs for failing to communicate with football fans during an uncertain time for the game.

Neville criticised the league itself for 'losing the players on day one' after publicly suggesting a pay cut without approaching them first.

He told The Football Show: "They [Premier League] thought they had the ultimate power, and what we've seen in the last few weeks is the self interests of all the different parties, and no-one really having the power in this country.

"They should have been looking from the very beginning at a compromise agreement, all the way through. They've lost the players, they're having to deal with them individually, they're chasing their tails.

"They've got decisions to make, but some things are out of their hands.

"What I would criticise them for most is: Where are the club owners? Where are the club CEOs? Why are they not communicating to everybody in this country what is happening?

"There is an absolute abyss of lost information, we're just speculating all the time."

"You see the government – whether it's good or bad – communicating every single day, other businesses in other industries communicating every single day. Football's gone quiet. Hiding."

Neville has been acting as peacemaker in talks between the EFL and the PFA in helping them come to an agreement over a 25 per cent pay cut across the board in League One and League Two.

He has now called for representatives from the Premier League's top clubs to step forward and provide some clarity.

"It would be nice to hear from them to hear about the challenges they've been facing, and reassure everybody that discussions are taking place," he added.

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