Neville insists Harry Kane 'must have felt badly wronged' by Spurs

Gary Neville insists Harry Kane ‘must have felt badly wronged’ by Tottenham not to report for training while Roy Keane rubbishes ‘gentleman’s agreement’ and says ‘if Man City really want him, let them do the deal’

  • Harry Kane’s transfer saga is still rumbling on and big name pundits weighed in 
  • England striker did not report to training on time amid Manchester City interest 
  • But he has rejoined group and could yet be involved against City this weekend
  • Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane spoke about the situation at length

Harry Kane ‘must have felt badly wronged’ by Tottenham to go AWOL, claims Gary Neville but Roy Keane insists the striker ‘can’t have his cake and eat it’. 

Neville, alongside Keane and Jamie Carragher, weighed in on Kane’s situation on The Overlap Live Fan Debate, and the transfer saga is still rumbling on amid interest from Manchester City. 

Kane reported back to Spurs late from his summer holiday in protest at being denied the move he wants and for the 28-year-old to go against his ‘saintly’ instincts, something behind the scenes must have severely irked him, says Neville. 

Gary Neville and Roy Keane weighed in on the ongoing Harry Kane transfer saga

The Tottenham striker wants to leave and join Manchester City this summer 

‘You can’t not turn up for training, you have to turn up to do you’re job. But I also know Harry Kane, I worked with him for three years, he’s like a saint when it comes to football,’ the ex-Manchester United full-back offered.    

‘Honestly, he doesn’t drink, is so professional. So for him to get to this point, I can only imagine that something behind the scenes has happened that has made him completely disrespect. 

‘I genuinely don’t know what it is that has annoyed him but he’s got to turn up to training and if you’re under contract you have to perform for that contract, however, for him to do what he’s done, he must feel badly wronged.’

Kane’s late arrival means his involvement against City this weekend is uncertain. The forward was said to have a gentleman’s agreement with chairman Daniel Levy to be allowed to leave this summer but Keane slammed the naivety of expecting anything when contracts are signed and binding. 

‘There’s nothing wrong with Harry wanting to leave and better himself, we all do that in life surely. But for Harry to put a price on it, you know, I’m pretty sure they’re looking after him at Tottenham, he’s not on £5,000-a-week,’ he said. 

‘If City really want you, let them do the deal. Harry can’t have his cake and eat it, Gary says he’s a great lad but great lads get on with their training. 

‘We’re saying he’s a great lad, and a good pro and he turns up and does his job, f***ing hell that’s your job! This idea that you can say “last year you promised me this”, I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life.’

Neville believes the reason Levy is so reluctant to let Kane leave even for a massive fee, is because they could not replace him. 

He added: ‘Losing Harry Kane would have an impact for a good few years, it is a big problem and I can see why Daniel Levy is holding out for massive money because he isn’t going to replace him. 

‘Another Harry Kane won’t go to Tottenham and that’s the problem they’ve got. The idea you get £140-160m in… they cannot go and get another player in because a player as good as him won’t go there.’

Pep Guardiola is keen on Kane and his side face Spurs in their season opener 

Kane reported back late from his summer holidays in protest at not being allowed to leave

And Keane agreed: ‘The top players want to play in the Champions League, the top players aren’t interested in a project, £150m to Spurs in a sense is no good to them.’

But Jamie Carragher argued that even with Kane, Spurs have not managed to win anything so selling him to reinvest might be a worthwhile option. 

He said: ‘Harry Kane is what Steven Gerrard was at Liverpool, if he leaves everything falls apart, you’re thinking “he’s our talisman”. But Liverpool didn’t win the league with Gerrard and Kane hasn’t won a trophy at Spurs. 

‘Where is the lowest Tottenham will ever finish, you sell Kane, get that money… they’ll always be sixth and challenging for the Champions League positions minimum. When it was amazing under Pochettino they were challenging for the title. 

‘With Liverpool, they were forced to sell Coutinho and reinvested and went to another level when before then at that time there was nothing in it. I’m not saying they should sell Kane, but thinking the club would fall apart… they’ve not won anything with him so you’ve got to remember that.’

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