Neymar in hysterics as Ander Herrera fails miserably at golf

Neymar makes fun of Ander Herrera’s golf ability after midfielder takes a chunk out of the grass while playing a shot as PSG stars enjoy some downtime following Man United defeat

  • Paris Saint Germain players met up on Thursday to practice their golf skills
  • The squad were unwinding after losing 2-1 to Man United earlier in the week 
  • Ander Herrera became the butt of jokes after pulling off a terrible golf shot
  • Neymar was hysterical and shared footage online as Herrera missed the ball 

Ander Herrera may be an artist in the centre of midfield, but the Spanish star has proven this week that his talents certainly don’t stretch as far as golf.

Herrera and his Paris Saint Germain team-mates headed out together on Thursday to take their mind off recent Champions League woes and hit a few golf balls.

Footage of the action was captured by club talisman Neymar, who took particular delight in seeing Herrera line up and shot while looking highly uncomfortable with a club in his hand.

Neymar was filming as Ander Herrera looked very uncertain while taking his golf swing

The midfielder chopped down hard and dug up the turf, completely missing the golf ball

Uploading the footage to social media, Neymar could be heard chuckling before breaking out into hysterics as Herrera completely flunked the shot and took a huge section of turf out of the ground, while completely missing the ball. 

Herrera’s face looked a picture of uncertainty as he prepared to hit the ball, while team-mates watching on seemingly waiting for his failure.

The PSG stars have been busy taking their minds off football this week, after losing their opening Champions League match to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United.

Herrera, Neymar and Co. are now looking to kick-start their season after starting slowly

The Red Devils triumphed once again in the French capital, winning the game courtesy of goals from Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.  

PSG have also started domestic duties uncharacteristically slowly, having lost twice in their opening seven games. 

Thomas Tuchel’s side are second in the division as a result, two points behind Lille and level with Rennes. 

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