Neymar screams ‘oh f***’ after ‘losing £880k’ while streaming gambling session

In the space of one day, Neymar lost his Twitter account and a purported £880,000.

The Brazilian has been sidelined by ankle surgery that has ruled him out for the rest of the campaign. Instead of twiddling his thumbs, the Paris Saint-Germain hitman has opted to shuffle his cards in his second love after football, poker.

Neymar has previously been seen competing at the European Poker Tour where many competitors believe he could one day have a shot at the professional circuit. Unfortunately, his latest defeat may have himself, and those who began to put him on a professional pedestal, doubting his abilities.

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When he is not competing in the casinos, he is playing online poker while live-streaming on his Twitch platform. More often than not, he bags himself some money and totters back offline feeling very pleased with himself.

However, on this occasion, he looked ready to sink into his chair after he lost £880,000, according to Globo Esporte. While most people would have flooded the place with tears and embarrassment, Neymar proceeded to fake cry and then scream.

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The opening notes of the iconic Celine Dion hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic, played as he pretended to weep. Shortly after the music began he said ‘oh f***” with a slight embarrassed tone in his face.

On the platform, one of Neymar’s opponents could be heard saying the Olympic gold medallist went “from a million to zero in 60 minutes”. As well as his streaming, Neymar was last seen in a casino shortly after PSG lost 1-0 at home to Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League.

Neymar’s fellow attacker Kylian Mbappe was even interpreted to have had a slight dig at Neymar when he said, “for the return game, the important thing is that we all eat and sleep well.” The World Cup winner then had to come back out to the press to tell people his comment was not a swipe at Neymar.

Soon after his hefty poker loss, Neymar’s Twitter account was reportedly hacked. Lots of uncharacteristically abusive messages under Neymar’s Twitter name were sent, including a very ferocious “f*** you, I hate you” that was sent to a Brazilian outlet.


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