Olimpia star Jerry Bengtson becomes first player to wear mask for entire match

Club Olimpia forward Jerry Bengtson opts to wear a mask during matches to protect his family.

The prolific Honduras international striker has scored 47 goals in 82 outings for his current side since joining from Deportivo Saprissa, and his choice of attire doesn’t bother his manager.

Regular viewers have stated that the 33-year-old has worn a mask in each of their matches since the pandemic hit, and it didn’t stop his side from securing CONCACAF Champions League progression.

Olimpia managed to see off the threat of Thierry Henry’s Montreal Impact and secure a semi-final spot against either New York City FC or Tigres UANL.

Olimpia coach Pedro Troglio said of his forward after the match: ”It's weird because he's the only player on the squad and in the championship who plays with a mask.

"It doesn't bother him and he's also scoring goals."

Spectators were left baffled by Bengtson’s decision despite his intention to stay safe, with many questioning how he was able to breath properly for his time on the pitch before his substitution.

One said: “But in theory players on the pitch are all tested and negative so other than coming off the pitch you shouldn’t need to put a mask?”

Another added: “That's not advisable at all, considering the amount of oxygen needed at such intense level of sporting activity.”

A third continued: Good for him. A lot of misinformed and just plain wrong people in this comments section.

With a fourth joking: “Don't worry guys, if all games played have the same level of pace as the one I watched yesterday, there's no chance he gonna collapse.”

Dr Rowland Kao from the University of Edinburgh told the Guardian when asked about players wearing masks during matches back in April: “Masks tend not to protect you but protect others.

“They prevent aerosol spray but leaves open [the risk of] fomite transmission – putting your hand to your mouth or your face and then wiping it somewhere else, like a doorknob.

“It’s unclear how much protection those masks would be, but it would seem sensible to put as many precautions as you could in place.

“If you have got 300-500 people coming together [for a match behind closed doors], there’s an opportunity for multiple infections to occur.”

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