Pep Guardiola shoves camera and shouts at Erling Haaland despite his two goals

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    Pep Guardiola angrily shoved a TV camera while shouting at Erling Haaland at half-time during Manchester City's opening day clash with Burnley.

    The Spanish manager charged onto the Turf Moor pitch at Turf Moor after whistle blew to berate his superstar striker about a lack of movement in the final 10 minutes of the half, despite the fact he'd just scored two goals.

    After realising the Sky Sports cameras were right next to him filming the altercation, Guardiola stopped, bore a hole through the lens and gave the equipment a push, telling the camera operator to "go away".

    Fans were utterly perplexed by the incident, with some branding Guardiola a "maniac" and others lavishing him with praise for having an "elite mentality".

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    "Score two goals and you still get bollocked, must be fun being a Man City player," one fan tweeted, while another wrote: "Guardiola is a maniac. He literally just put you two nil in front and you're having a go at him?"

    Another, however, suggested Guardiola's rant proved why he's the best manager in the world.

    "I literally couldn't love Guardiola more. Demands so much from his players even when they're playing well. That's why he's the best in the world," they tweeted. Another agreed, writing: "Every day that goes by I couldn't love that man anymore. Pep. Elite mentality."

    What did you make of Guardiola shouting at Haaland? Let us know in the comments section below.

    It took Haaland just three minutes to open his account for the season after he reacted quickest to a Rodri knockdown in the box and slotted home from close range.

    His second was a thing of beauty – a driven curler from the corner of the box which struck the bar before bouncing in, leaving Burnley keeper James Trafford no chance, brining his total City goal count to 53 goals in 54 matches.

    City made it three with 15 minutes to play as Rodri wellied home a loose ball in the box following a free-kick.

    The midfielder's last goal came in the Champions League final which won the game for City against Inter two months ago and saw them crowned kings of Europe.

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