Peter Crouch’s builder pal who became his “Norfolk husband” in Norwich spell

Loan spells can often be very lonely times for young footballers – unless you are Peter Crouch, who made friends with a builder who became his “Norfolk husband” during his loan spell at Norwich City.

The former Liverpool and Tottenham striker was sent on a short term loan to the East Anglians in the 2003/04 season. On the pitch, it turned out to be a very positive experience, as Crouch contributed four goals in 15 Championship matches for the Canaries, before returning to then parent club Aston Villa in January.

However, Crouch also managed to enjoy himself away from Carrow Road, as he made an unlikely friendship with a builder, who just so happened to be staying at the same hotel for three months. And while Crouch admitted this builder’s name has completely escaped his mind, the former England international spoke very highly of him.

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“I remember staying at Dunston Hall, it was a big old castle, and a lovely hotel,” Crouch said on ‘That Peter Crouch podcast’. “But I’m in there, obviously I don’t know Norwich at all, and at about 4pm I was like ‘what do I do now?’.

“I headed down to dinner and I remember I got chatting to this builder, it was literally like Alan Partridge. I was in a hotel, on my own, not knowing what to do, and I was sitting there with this builder.

“He was like ‘yeah, I’m working on this site that’s down the road, I’m here for like three months’ and I was like ‘ah great, so am I’. So me and this builder, we had a very decent relationship.

Are you aware of a builder who was in Norwich between September 2003 and December 2003 who may have been Peter Crouch's "Norfolk Husband"? Let us know in the comments section below

“He’d work on the site, I would go to train, and he’d say ‘is anyone coming to join you’ and I was like ‘nah’ and then we’d sit down. I would say ‘how’s the site’ and he’d say ‘yeah, it’s coming along, how’s Norwich City’ and I’d be like ‘yeah we’re doing well’ and we’d just chat about our days really.

“On the odd time we’d both have a day off he would be like ‘a few pints tonight?’ and I’d be like ‘yeah a few pints!’

When asked if his builder pal was like his “Norfolk husband” Crouchy said: “Basically yeah. He was there for such a similar amount of time to me, it would have been weird if I didn’t say hello.”

The only real details that Crouch remembers about this builder is that “he wore a hi-vis” and “he likes a steak”. So if you are or happen to know a builder who “likes a steak” and spent three months on a Norwich building site between September 2003 and December 2003, you may well have been Peter Crouch’s “Norfolk husband”.


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