Premier League referees Mike Dean and Martin Atkinson’s staggering 6-fig salary

Premier League footballers are loaded, everyone knows that.

England and Wales’ top flight is a gold mine, with huge sums of money sloshing around on transfers, wages, stadiums, hospitality and so on.

But one little gap in the payday party that rarely gets any attention is the ever-present but often-forgotten referee (until they give a penalty for a soft foul, that is).

Referees are highly trained, internationally renowned masters of their crafts, each possessing a near-superhuman ability to spot tiny details in extraordinarily fast-moving environments – but do their pay packets reflect this?

How much do Premier League referees get paid?

According to data gathered by Sportek and SportingFree, referees can earn some pretty hefty piles of cash for their troubles – something they perhaps deserve given the constant verbal reminders that everyone in the stadium can do better at their jobs than they can.

The data comes from the 2020/2021 season and claims that referees earn £1,500 per game for their troubles, not a bad hourly rate when you think about it.

On top of this, they also earn a basic salary that can range from between £70,000 and £200,000 depending on a variety of factors.

On top of this, they also get paid a yearly retainer fee, which ranges from £38,500 to £42,000.

These are some serious numbers when compared to the annual UK salary in 2021 of £25,971.

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Assistant referees, meanwhile, get paid £30,000 a year and collect a healthy £850 match fee a pop.

Video assistant referees take home the same amount as their colleagues on the sidelines.

Which Premier League referees get paid the most?

Correct as of the 2020/2021 season, there were three referees in the top £200,000 salary bracket.

They were Martin Atkinson, Michael Oliver and Mike Dean.

Other big names such as Kevin Friend, Anthony Taylor, Andre Marriner, Jonathan Moss and Paul Tierney enjoyed the next bracket down of £70,000 a year plus match fees and retainer.

The full list is as follows:

  • Mike Dean: £1,500 – £200,000
  • Michael Oliver: £1,500 – £200,000
  • Martin Atkinson: £1,500 – £200,000
  • Anthony Taylor: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Kevin Friend: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Chris Kavanagh: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Paul Tierney: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Jonathan Moss: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Andre Marriner: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Stuart Atwell: £1,500 – £70,000
  • Graham Scott: £1,500 – £48,000
  • Craig Pawson: £1,500 – £48,000
  • Lee Mason: £1,500 – £48,000
  • David Coote: £1,500 – £48,000
  • Simon Harper: £1,500 – £48,000
  • Peter Bankes: £1,500 – £48,000
  • Andy Madley: £1,500 – £48,000

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