Premier League urged to prevent Tottenham and Newcastle signings as Liverpool change mind

Tottenham, Newcastle United and Norwich City should not be allowed to make signings in the next transfer window after choosing to use the government’s furlough scheme, claims European football expert Julien Laurens. All three clubs have decided to furlough some of their non-playing staff, meaning 80 per cent of their wage is going to be paid by the government scheme. Liverpool also chose to adopt the scheme but have since reversed that decision, releasing a statement on Monday evening confirming their u-turn.

The clubs have received heavy criticism for their decisions and Laurens believes they should be punished for it.

Speaking before Liverpool’s reversal announcement, Laurens said the clubs choosing to use furlough should not be allowed to spend money in the next transfer window.

He says those clubs cannot afford to pay their staff so should not be permitted to spend money on new players.

“Do you know what, I’m going to be cynical here,” Laurens said on the Gab and Juls podcast.

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“So Liverpool are using the furlough scheme because they can’t pay their non-playing staff, right?

“So that means in the summer, whenever the summer transfer window opens, they won’t have any money to spend, right?

“So every club that has decided to furlough, and good on them because I want to believe them, I want to be naive here.

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“So I believe that Spurs don’t have enough money to pay their non-playing staff, Liverpool don’t have enough money to pay their non-paying stuff, Norwich the same, Newcastle the same, and their club can’t do any transfers in the summer, I don’t care.

“Unless they sell and they use only that money to buy players, they can’t buy anyone in the summer.

“I don’t want to see them going and spending £50million or £25m on a Joelinton or whoever because they’ve just used all the taxpayers’ money to basically run their clubs for the last three months before the transfer window.

“You need the furlough scheme to pay your staff and pay yourself.

“Nothing is wrong with that but then don’t go and spend £50m or £100m on a striker in the summer because you don’t have that money – otherwise you would use that money now to pay your staff and not use a scheme that has been put together to help companies not fire people, so you don’t have people who have mortgages and bills to pay be unemployed.

“So there is a furlough scheme on purpose to protect those jobs, so if you’re using it you’re protecting your staff because you don’t have the money for it.”

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