Protestor at Everton vs Newcastle attaches neck to post as cutters deployed

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A protestor at Everton vs Newcastle attached himself by his neck to a goalpost, forcing security to bring out cable cutters to set him free.

Clearly not satisfied with the underwhelming football on display at Goodison Park, the fan stormed the pitch early on in the second half of the Premier League clash with the scores still locked at 0-0.

In a flash he managed to pin himself by the neck to the left post of Asmir Begovic's goal, stopping the action. There was a significant break in play while stewards and security personnel tried to remove the fan from the post.

But it took several minutes for several staff to remove the individual, eventually picking him up and carrying him down the tunnel. TV cameras even picked up one member of the Fire Brigade bringing out some rather threatening-looking cable cutters to do the job.

Cameras also showed security trying to set him free with great difficulty. It does not seem clear whether the heavy duty cutters were needed.

The fan was wearing a t-shirt with a URL and text that read "Just Stop Oil". The movement have also taken credit for the episode on Twitter.

A second pitch invader stormed onto the field and appeared to try to land a punch on the protestor before he was also escorted off the pitch.

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