PSG set to earn MORE from than winners Bayern despite final heartache

PSG earn £121m MORE from Champions League than winners Bayern Munich despite final heartache

  • Bayern Munich beat PSG 1-0 in the Champions League final in Lisbon on Sunday
  • However, according to estimations the winners earned less TV money than PSG 
  • Paris Saint-Germain earned £121m, while Bayern collected £117.3m this season

Paris Saint-Germain may not be top dogs in Europe but they’re somehow top of the revenue earnings from this season’s Champions League, according to estimates.

The French outfit’s quest to win a maiden European Cup ended in tears on Sunday as they were narrowly beaten 1-0 in Sunday’s final by Bayern Munich.

Former PSG winger Kingsley Coman came back to haunt his old side with a 59th-minute header that separated the two sides.

Despite winning the Champions League, Bayern Munich didn’t earn the most in terms of revenue in the competition for 2019-20 – according to estimates

That went to Paris Saint-Germain – who lost to the Germans in Sunday night’s final in Lisbon

Kingsley Coman’s header (second left) was the difference between the two teams in the final

But despite finishing as runners-up, Thomas Tuchel’s are still likely to receive more TV money than actual champions Bayern Munich in this year’s competition.

According to Swiss Ramble’s estimations, PSG are set to earn £121million with Bayern pocketing £117.3m. Barcelona are next with £104m, while Manchester City earned the fourth-most with £89.3m.

PSG’s bigger figures than Bayern Munich are because of the TV pool payments by country differ from one to the other. This is the biggest factor between the two teams as Bayern earned a higher prize fund for winning the competition (£62.3m to £56.9m) and UEFA club co-efficient bonus (£29.8m to £26.2m) for example.

Based on the assumption of the 2018-19 figures, PSG will receive £24.5m from TV money, while Bayern receive £11.3m – a difference of £13.2m.

The main contributing factor in this is that only three spots in the Champions League were awarded to French teams, while Germany have four and the fact that the German TV pool is currently the lowest of the ‘big five’ leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). Coupled with this is the fact that domestic league split is fairer in Germany than in France.

According to Swiss Ramble, PSG earned £121m in revenue, while Bayern earned £117.3m

The pivotal factor was the TV pool money which saw PSG earn £13.2m than the German giants

For a breakdown, the 2018-19 season saw PSG earn 50 per of their league revenue for winning Ligue 1 (£13.3m), while second-placed Lille earned 35 per cent (£9.4m) and third-placed Lyon earned 15 per cent (£4m) – a combined total of £26.7m.

In contrast, Bayern earned 40 per cent of their domestic league revenue for winning the Bundesliga in 2018-19 (£6.2m), while second-placed Borussia Dortmund earned 30 per cent (£4.7m), third-placed RB Leipzig earned 20 per cent (£3.1m) and fourth-placed Bayer Leverkusen collected 10 per cent (£1.5m) – a combined total of £15.5m.

The total outlay differences between the two leagues here in terms of domestic money is £11.2m.

The disparity in TV revenue gets wider when you add in the figures from the 2019-20 Champions League. Again the French clubs split a pot of £26.7m between them, while their German counterparts had to make do with £15.5m. For reaching the final and playing 13 games, PSG were given a split of 42 per cent which saw Tuchel’s men pocket a further £11.2m.

Meanwhile, Bayern were given a split of 33 per cent which saw them collect an extra £5.1m.

The total outlay differences between the two teams here in terms of domestic Champions League money is £6.1m.

Adding their two tallies together, PSG earned £24.5m overall in TV money while Bayern pocketed £11.3m – a difference of £13.2m and a key reason as to why they earned more Champions League revenue.

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