PSG’s Sergio Ramos on drawing Real Madrid in Champions League:

Sergio Ramos said he’s ready to put everything on the line for Paris Saint-Germain when the French side faces Real Madrid in the Champions League Round of 16.

The Spanish center back was asked about his emotions upon drawing his former club in Europe, and he left no doubts about his allegiance.

Ramos has only managed to play in one match this year for PSG amid prolonged muscular injuries, but he hopes to be available in the spring for the highlight clash to open the knockout stages.

PSG was initially drawn against Real Madrid, but after the draw was conducted over again due to errors, PSG landed the Spanish side in what will be an emotional turn of events for Ramos.

“You know the affection and love I have for Real Madrid,” Ramos said. “Now it’s my turn to defend PSG and I’ll do everything possible to do it. It’s the team that bet on me. I’m going to die for PSG.

“I would have liked not to have that confrontation [with Real Madrid], but returning to the Santiago Bernabeu is cause for joy [because] I could not have a real farewell because of COVID restrictions.”

Why did Sergio Ramos leave Real Madrid?

The 35-year-old defender was an icon for Real Madrid, however his contract expired this past June and an extension was not able to be agreed upon.

Ramos stated previously that he wished to return to Real Madrid, but the club only offered him a one-year extension and his desire was to sign a two-year contract.

The former Spain international also revealed that he experienced “many hours of darkness and loneliness” at the start of his time at Paris Saint-Germain as a calf injury prevented him from appearing in a match until November 28. He’s since been sidelined again with muscular problems with his status moving forwards uncertain.

“It has been hard, different from what I have experienced in my career,” he said. “Injuries have [rarely been like this]. To feel like a player again is the important thing.

“Many hours of darkness, loneliness, but it has helped me to overcome challenges. It has helped me to know who were really there and who were not. There will be Ramos for a while. The family is already well-adapted. I smile again thinking about competing again.”

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