Queiroz barks ‘how much will you pay me to answer?’ as Iran boss blanks question

Iran boss Carlos Queiroz has snapped back at reporters who asked him about the political situation in the country ahead of the World Cup.

A reporter quizzed the former Manchester United assistant coach about the protests following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in September.

“What are your thoughts on the situation in Iran?” the Portuguese boss was asked, to which he replied: “I have no thoughts.”

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He then barked: “How much you pay me to answer that question? How much you pay me? Talk to your boss and give me your answer. Think about what happened in your country with immigration.”

Queiroz has been more than willing to answer questions about the problems engulfing the country until now – only it seems that he’s been asked about it once too many for his liking.

The manager, who is paid just £50,000 on a four-month deal until the end of the tournament, led the side within a point of the knockout stages in the last World Cup.

They face another tough challenge in Qatar – with England on Monday in their opener, while the USA and Wales are also in their group.

Queiroz – who served under Sir Alex Ferguson at United in two spells in the early 2000s – opened up about the trickiness of their upcoming fixtures: “Players in Europe arrive with 15, 18 games in the legs. In other World Cups, they have 65 games in the legs. They will be in top shape so it will be different. So let’s see what happens.’


“There are no doubts England are growing up with better preparation. Southgate is putting in place the guidelines, the clear vision, and the results are on the pitch.

"I’m not saying that this team is better, or they have better players from the days of David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes. But the difference is that England are showing a clear direction and vision of where all the players must go. This creates a much more consistent team.”


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