Richard Keys questions morality of proposed Newcastle United Saudi takeover

Ex-Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has urged Newcastle United to consider the morality of their proposed multi-million pound takeover from a Saudi consortium.

Magpies owner Mike Ashley is reportedly close to sealing a £300m deal to sell the club to a sovereign wealth fund – involving crown prince Mohammed bin Salman – in a move which could see Newcastle become the richest team in the Premier League.

But Qatar-based broadcaster beIN Sports, who Keys now works for, have written to top-flight clubs encouraging them to block the move due to a dispute with Saudi Arabia after they illegally broadcast matches from the network.

And speaking on the channel Keys – who lost his job with Sky after being accused of sexism – also expressed his disapproval with the potential takeover.

"I wish it wasn't Newcastle United that the Saudis want to buy," he said.

"We’ve been talking a lot about morality and resetting the button, and when we all come back why there’s a good reason we can all expect football to be better.

"Barney Ronay in the Guardian was spot on. Andy Dunn in the Mirror, absolutely spot on.

"Are we to look away and forget everything? Now is there an argument that it is nobody’s business how Saudi Arabia does it’s business domestically?

"There is an argument that it is nobodies business what Saudi Arabia does domestically. I get that. We should never try and impose western cultures and principles upon them, it is up to them how they run their country.

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