Robert Snodgrass: West Ham midfielder reveals David Moyes’ motivational words and his unusual nickname

Robert Snodgrass may share the same nationality as David Moyes but there is more than one reason the West Ham midfielder says his manager “speaks my language”.

The 32-year-old has been impressed by his Moyes’ approach, since his fellow Scot returned to the London Stadium in December last year.

It has been far from plain sailing for Moyes, though, with the club winning just three of their 13 games this year and currently sitting 16th in the Premier League table.

Despite that, Snodgrass believes Moyes is the right man to keep them up, if or when the season resumes.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Snodgrass said: “He speaks my language which is good, it’s always a bonus.

“He came in and he’s been straight with the boys. He said: ‘Imagine you were the fan paying the money to go and watch. That’s the level of work that I want and they need to be seeing it’.

“That’s exactly the way that we’ve been brought up.”

Snodgrass the stand-up and the ‘bunion bhaji’

Snodgrass also took time to answer some questions from the public, revealing he has been given a rather unusual nickname by his team-mates.

Best player, other than you, at West Ham?

“I need to give a special mention to Declan Rice, I think he’s going to go to the top.

“He’s a great kid and an exceptional talent. For me, he needs to get more goals. When you go into them top six teams, that’s what you need to add to your game.”

What would you have been if you were not a footballer?

“That’s a difficult one, I don’t know. I think I probably would have gone into stand-up.”

How do you get so much whip on your crosses?

“I’ve got a bunion, so the lads say it’s that. They call me the bunion bhaji.”

Favourite West Ham goal?

“My first Premier League goal against Palace. I caught it on the bounce and reversed it across the ‘keeper”.

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