Rooney issues defiant message to Derby fans at training ground

Wayne Rooney gets a round of applause from Derby fans outside the club’s training ground after delivering a rousing speech following return from being relegated at QPR – with Rams boss insisting: ‘We’ll plan to make sure this club comes back’

  • Derby’s relegation was sealed after their defeat and Reading’s comeback 
  • The club showed great spirit this season despite their 21-point deduction
  • Rams fans greeted the club’s coach as they arrived back at the training ground
  • Rooney spoke to supporters at Moor Farm and thanked them for their support
  • He told them they now plan on making sure the club fights back from the drop

Wayne Rooney issued a defiant message as he was filmed speaking to Derby supporters after the club was relegated to League One.

The Rams suffered a late 1-0 defeat to QPR on Monday, and their relegation was sealed after Reading came from 4-1 down to salvage a point in the 95th minute against Swansea.

A large group of fans turned up to the club’s Moor Farm training ground on Monday evening and greeted Derby’s team coach as they returned from their trip to Loftus Road.

Derby were relegated to League One following their 1-0 defeat to QPR on Monday afternoon

Rooney was videoed addressing the club’s supporters, with some of the players and coaching staff seen standing behind them.

In a video which has gone viral on Twitter, Rooney said: ‘We’re grateful for the support that you have shown us all season.

‘It’s been f****** tough, it’s been hard, some difficult moments for us and for you especially. 

Derby fans greeted Rooney, his staff and players at the club’s training ground in which the manager issued a defiant statement and thanked them for their support in a tough season

‘Been very tough but we’ve tried our best and we did everything we can.

‘It’s unfortunate we’ve been relegated but now we’ll plan to make sure this football club comes back.’

The speech was met with a round of applause from Derby supporters with one fan heard replying ‘fantastic’.

Chants of Rooney then echoed among the Derby supporters who have warmed to the Manchester United legend since he arrived at the club.

Derby showed great spirit this season despite suffering a 21-point deduction due to breaching EFL rules and going into administration.

In his post-match interview, Rooney said he wants to bring the ‘happy days back’ but spoke of the importance of the club sealing a takeover as quickly as possible. 

He told Sky Sports: ‘In some ways we can draw a line under everything that’s happened and really start the rebirth of this club and try and move it forward.

Derby faced a major up-hill task following their 21-point deduction this season 

Rooney said after the game he wants to bring the ‘happy days’ back to the Rams going forward

‘We need the takeover, that has to happen quick. The quicker that can happen, obviously we know what league we are going to be in next season, the quicker we can try to develop this squad, bring players in who we can feel can get us back up.

‘The takeover has to happen and if it doesn’t happen I fear for the club, I fear for where the club will end up. Obviously the club’s future is in doubt, if that doesn’t happen my future’s in doubt.’

He added: ‘Yeah if it (takeover) happens, I want to rebuild the club. 

‘You see what it means to the fans every week. This is a special club, we’re all proud to be here and I want to be the one that brings those happy days back.’

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